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Our Dear Friends!


At the weekend (21. and 23. 04.2018.) was borned Baileys last two litter in AUSTRIA!

We decided that he is retreat from the breeding life and he live with us as a loving family dog.

We are So PROUD of him, he has many success and many wonderful children in the whole world! 

He conquered heart of many people and we think....many female too!

We knew many great people because of him, we have many friends in the whole word because of him! We did it together!!!!!!

Thank him very much:

He showed us what is the unconditional love, that we never give up and he teached us lot of patience!

Now many people know his name, many people like him So much and we know that many people not, because he has So many jealous, but we think he proved a lot!

After 10litters we give his breeding line to his Daughters and Sons in the world!

But We take care that later, in the future (Maybe more years later) will born from him some litter yet and he will be Daddy again!